Aruba Investments: Top 12 Facts To Invest In Aruba

  • Tourism has been booming in Aruba for the last years and we have reached our first millionth tourist visitor in 2016!
  • Aruba’s economy is growing due to the tourism sector.
  • Aruba has one of the most beautiful beaches in world!
  • Properties in Aruba have risen in value over the last years and offer relatively cheap prices to buy and later flip for a nice profit.
  • As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands we fall under the Dutch Judicial system, guaranteeing each person’s right being protected in the highest courts of The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • Leading global credit rating agency Fitch ratings, affirms Aruba’s “BBB” credit rating with an absolute stable outlook. Aruba’s ratings exceed the “BBB” rating requirements by its relatively high income per capita of over US$ 25,000.
  • Non-residence owners may stay up to six months every year in Aruba, but with proof of homeownership.
  • With evidence that one can show that he is financially sustainable, homeowners can receive a permanent permit as a “retiree”.
  • There are absolutely no private beaches on Aruba; these include all beaches in front of the hotels.
  • Aruba lies conveniently outside of the hurricane belt.
  • Based on our solid political relationship with the United States of America, Aruba is 1 of the only 3 non-US turf in the world that allows total US Immigration and Customs pre clearance.
  • Aruba has been known for its diversity in languages spoken. The official language is Dutch, the Business language is English, the native language is Papiamento, and Spanish is widely spoken.